Let's face it - when you think of brittle - you think of that hard shiny candy that gets stuck in your teeth and is probably something your grandma used to eat. The Brittle Babes™ felt this old classic was in need of a MAJOR makeover and sought out a recipe that will redefine your brittle expectations. 


   Enter Brittle.™ this soft, FLAKEY, delicious treat that brings an entirely new reaction to your tastebuds. Each batch is carefully handcrafted by The Brittle Babes™ as they combine 6 pure ingredients to create their secret recipe. Even better, all of our brittle is vegan and gluten-free. We dare you to try and not eat the whole bag!

The Brittle Babes™

   Emily and Kyra met on the soccer field during college pre-season. Kyra, a freshman and a forward, while Emily, a sophomore and goalie. Their love for soccer, laughing and Emily's amazingly cute voice is what instantly made them best friends. 

Fast forward 18 years later the 2 decided it was time to embark on a life long dream of taking Emily's unique recipe and turning it into a company. This self-funded, girl boss company has grown through the hard work and belief in their product and partnership. Their mission is to redefine what your brittle expectations and create a whole new class of confection of their own.