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We're Open for Business!!

The Brittle Babes™ are excited to announce the launch of our amazing company called Brittle.™ After years of saying we should start this business, to many, many, months of hard work, we can finally say that we are: "OPEN FOR BRITTLE."

Let's face it when you think of brittle, you think of that hard shiny candy that gets stuck in your teeth and is something your Grandma used to eat. We felt that this old classic was in need of a MAJOR makeover so we created a secret recipe that would redefine brittle expectations. Our handcrafted brittle is soft, flakey, comprised of 6 natural ingredients and is absolutely delicious...It brings an entirely new reaction to your tastebuds and doesn't stick to your teeth. Even better, all of our brittle is vegan and gluten-free!

Our brittle comes in either a 1/2 pound or full pound of either peanut or almond handcrafted brittle. We also have gift boxes which has a pound of each and is great way to wow a client, thank a coworker, or give to a friend.

We are pumped about the future ahead and hope to earn you as a happy customer. Thank you, The Brittle Babes™


The Brittile Babes™

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